URPhoto is a one-stop-shop that provides professional quality framing to everyone. Professional photographers are not the only people who need top quality frames, everyone should get top quality long lasting frames to showcase and archive their top quality and most treasured photos.

Our frames allow you to showcase your photos for generations, and will allow you to exhibit and even sell your photography work with confidence if required.

In order to make a frame that suits you, there are many options, see all our framing options listed below. We understand that the many options can be a bit hard to understand, so feel free to Contact Us and let our experienced team members help you work out what is the best framing options and frame sizes for you.

If you are interested to make Frames, please contact us via e-mail or phone / WhatsApp.

If you are interested to make Frames, please contact us via e-mail or phone / WhatsApp.

Framing Options:

  • Frame selection - Our most common selected frames are black, white and natural wood. But in additional to these three, we actually have many more styles to choose from. Simply let us know the type of frame you have in mind, and we can find ones that will suit you.
  • Mat board selection - Mat board is the optional cardboard border that you can place around your photo to help highlight and enhance your print. Our most common selected mat board colours are black, white and off white. The most common mat board width is 2 inches. However, we also have other colours to choose from, and we can vary the width depending on your photos. All our Mat Boards are acid free and will not affect your photo over time.
  • Face selection - You can choose to use either Glass or Acrylic for the face of your frame. All of our Glass and Acrylic faces are non-reflective with UV blocking. Glass faces are less prone to scratching and less expensive, but it could crack if bumped hard. Acrylic faces are less prone to breaking, but scratches much more easily, so each time you clean it you have to be ultra careful. Acrylic is also more expensive than glass.
  • Mounting Methods:
    • Standard Dry Mounting - Dry mounting is the less labour intensive mounting process where the entire photo is adhered to the backboard, and then mounted into the frame. The advantages of Dry Mounting is less labour intensive so less expensive. The disadvantage is once your photo is mounted, it can never be removed, so if the frame is damaged, you cannot take your photo out and put it into another frame.
    • Archival Mounting - Archival mounting is a more labour intensive mounting process where the photo is adhered to the backboard with a method that allows it to be taken out without damage. The advantages of Archival Mounting is that your limited edition or high dollar or sentimental value photo will not be damaged by the framing. The disadvantage of archival mounting is cost due to the increased amount of labour required.
  • Hanging System - You can choose a traditional wire on the back of the frame, or metal D rings, or both.
  • Box Frames - Box frames are frames that allow your photo to be set back about a centimetre from the glass.
  • All our frames use acid free foam core backboards that ensure no chemicals or acid will seep into your prints to cause discolouration and yellow spots over time. Readymade low cost frames often use low quality wood or cardboard based backboard that have chemicals and acid that gradually seeps into your photo over time, which damages the print.
  • All the adhesives we use for mounting the photos are also acid free and super long lasting.

We understand that here are many options, it may be easier and quicker to simply Contact Us and let our experienced team members help you work out what is the best framing options and frame sizes for you.

A few tips in turning your blank wall into a beautiful photo showcase using framed prints:

  • Think about Composition - You can have one photo on the wall, or many. We can help you make a digital preview based on different photos sizes and different layouts, so you can decide on the best composition that suits you.
  • Selecting Frames - For a wall with multiple framed photos, try using different frames to get a more eye catching and interesting look.
  • A tip on Selecting Photos - If it is a single photo, make sure you choose one that creates the mood and atmosphere you want in the space it is hung. If you choose multiple photos, try a mix of sizes and orientations. Different types or contrasting prints often look better than similar ones when placed together.
  • Decide which print has the Main Focus - Hang the print that will be the main focus of the group closer to eye level.
  • Decide on the Gap between Photos - We usually recommend a least a two to three inch gap between photos. Again, we can help you make a digital preview of the photos showing the gap size, and you can decide if it works for you.
  • Let your Photos shine - Select the photos that you are proud of and create a photo wall to show them off to the world!

Frequently Asked Question regarding Framing :

Q: Why not simply buy a low cost readymade frame, such as one from Ikea?

A: There are many advantages that our custom made frames offers that low cost readymade frames do not:

  1. Our custom made frames can be made into any size, from small ones to very large ones. Readymade frames often only come in a limited selection of standard sizes.
  2. Our Mat Boards (the optional cardboard border around the photo) are all acid free and custom made. So it will not affect the quality of your photo over time, and you can select the colour and width of the Mat Board that suits your print.
  3. We use top quality non-reflective glass or acrylic for the faces of our frames. You will not get the hard reflective sheen off low cost readymade frame glass.
  4. The backboards on our frames are 100% acid free sturdy foam boards, so your prints will never develop discolouration and yellow spots caused by chemicals or acid seeping into the paper from the backboard. Readymade frames usually make use of low quality wood or cardboard based backboard that have chemicals and acid that will slowly seep into your photo over time that will cause your photo to discolour or develop yellow spots.
  5. Our frames are carefully custom made, put together and taped sealed in the back. This is all to ensure your photo will stay straight and not become lose or warped over time. With low cost readymade frames, you simply place the photo loosely in the frame, the photo is never tight to the face, and overtime the photo will sag or warp.
  6. Our framed photos allow you to confidently exhibit your photos and even sell them.
  7. If your photo is of value to you, maybe a photo of a loved one or an image you treasure, shouldn't you put it in a well made frame that will last for generations, instead of a low cost one that will slowly degrade the photo over time.