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Metallic Fine Art Prints

Stunning prints with a metallic iridescent sheen. On our Metallic Prints, all the white areas of your image will be turned transparent to allow the metallic sheen of the paper to shine through. This print may not be suitable for all images, but for certain images, like the one shown above, it will enhance the image to a point where no other white based paper will come close. This paper is also great for certain black and white images.

Our Metallic paper is 100% alpha-cellulose based with a polyester metallic film on top, the paper weight is 300 gsm. It is completely acid free, and is designed to last 80+ years in ideal conditions.

All of our Fine Art Prints, including this Metallic Print, uses archival pigment inks (vs. dye inks) with fine art digital inkjet printers. So your photos will be reproduced with exceptional quality, and both the paper and ink will last 80+ years in ideal conditions.

Our Metallic Fine Art Prints may be different from others you have seen before, so if you would like to look at a sample print, please Contact Us, and arrange a viewing at our showroom.

If you have any questions regarding our Metallic Fine Art Prints, or would like to discuss with us whether it is suitable for your image, simply Contact Us and our experienced team members can help you look at the image, and advise you on whether this paper and/or what print size is suitable for you.

Contact us today to let us know your desired photo size, quantity and/or other special requirements, and we can quote a price for you !

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