Love and Heart Series

Stamp Designs

Local mail stamps
Bread & Fried Eggs
Air mail stamps
Four-leaf Clovers
Photo Frame

All images of the stamp are for reference only and cannot use for other purpose.

Prices & Shipping

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Product Features

  • 12 Stamps per pane
  • Pane size is 240x200 mm
  • Stamps copyright 2015
  • No. 1-12 photo size is 35x25 mm
    Suggested resolution 413x295 pixels (~100KB)
  • 3 different layout design in banner position
    Design 1: No. 13 photo size is 210x48 mm
                 Suggested resolution 2480x566 pixels (~1MB)
    Design 2: No. 13-14 photo size is 105x48 mm
                 Suggested resolution 1240x566 pixels (~500KB)
    Design 3: No. 13-15 photo size is 70x48 mm
                 Suggested resolution 827x566 pixels (~300KB)