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2R 2.5" x 3.5" $2.5 FREE next day home delivery service
with any photo prints purchase of $200 or above

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3R 3.5" x 5" $1.0 (below 50 prints)
$0.8 (50 prints or above) 
4R 4" x 6"
4D 4.5" x 6"
5R 5" x 7" $5.0
6R 6" x 8" $8.0
8R 8" x 10" $15.0
8F 8" x 12"  $18.0

Prints with ClipArts

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URPremier Photobook
URStyle Photobook
UR Photobook
iPhone Hard Case 
Desktop Calendar
Wall Calendar
8F Calendar
UR Photo Zipper Pouches
WOW Canvas
Metal Prints
  Photo Greeting Cards (Landscape)
Photo Greeting Cards (Portrait)
5"x7" Bi-fold Card
Jumbo Card
Heartwarming Stamps
Fai Chun Banners  
Standard Name Labels Waterproof Name Labels
A3 Poster
Kids Growth Chart    
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